Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Generous and Thoughtful MS Donation

My wonderfully talented cousin Steve is a skilled and versatile photographer. He (and his generous cohort, Bill Guy) recently supplied some of their photos of the 2011 One Lap of America to MotorTrend Magazine for the accompanying article. (I made a brief visit to the 2010 One Lap of America, brief because I got so lost in Southern New Jersey I was gone nearly as long Gilligan and his pals:

The MotorTrend article is great and of course the pictures are the best!:

Well, Steve and Bill, with incredible generosity, have donated their fee from the article to the MS Society in my honor!! I am so touched and flattered!

Steve, some of you will remember, was my childhood Howdy Doody companion.  We watched Saturday morning TV together every week after my dreaded ballet lesson (I was an appalling little ballerina). One year older than me, Steve has been like a big brother to me my whole life, only nicer. One example: when we were about 10 and 11 he was teaching me how to play a card game, but I misunderstood the rules. Essentially, I was totally cheating with every hand we played. But he never said a word, he just let me gleefully win game after game. That is the kind of guy he is.

Steve as he always looks to me, no matter how old we get:

Steve in real life (I told you he was a photographer!):

Thank you dear, dear cousin for being so thoughtful and for being a constant source of goodness in my life.   


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Muffie said...

Marie, I had to go back and read that post -- hysterical! At the time it was written, I hadn't entered the blogosphere yet. You must have been in my area, as I'm southwest of the central shore area, right over the river from Philly!
I know what it's like to be lost that way -- I did it all the time!
What a special guy you have in that cousin of yours! Thanks for sharing this.

brokenteepee said...

Oh how lovely of him.

Marie said...

Muffie - What a day that was!! lol The race track was in Millville. I was never so lost!! I am still not entirely sure that Ike's Crab House really exists or if it was just a Twilight Zone-type apparition. How much fun it would have been to get together! Which actually is not out of the realm of possibility, we do live pretty close. Patty, Pricilla's publicist (below) is also a Jersey Shore girl, now in the wilds of Montana.

Btw, did you get the e-mail I sent you about lymphedema? Give me a call if you have any questions.

And yes Steve, indeed his entire family, his late father, his mother and his sisters are all truly wonderful people.

Pricilla - I am so lucky to have him in my life. As I said to Muffie, his whole family is special to me.

Anji said...

What a nice cousin. He sounds like a really good person

Anonymous said...

I got here from your comment at the NYTimes - how is the lymphedema treatment doing?

Marie said...

Anonymous - thank you so much for visiting my blog. You are so kind to ask about my lymphedema treatment.

It is going ok is probably about the best I can say about it. I could only tolerate two weeks of the wrapping before I threw in the towel. For whatever reason it triggered the MS symptoms something awful. My leg pain was off the charts, both on the inside and then the sensation of my skin being on fire on the outside. Because we were doing one leg at a time, I simply couldn't face another six weeks of that pain.

So I have been wearing the compression stockings that were supposed to be the follow-up care along with a modified velcro contraption at night.

The swelling has gone down considerably, but my feet are definitely not back to their normal size and, I understand, may never be again. I'm no beauty queen, but if I do say so myself, I did have nice feet. So it is another in a string of losses thanks to multiple sclerosis. :(

But, looking on the bright side, I will be wearing regular shoes to my daughter's wedding, so there is a win! :)

Thank you again for asking and for stopping by.

Marie said...

Yikes, Anji! I almost missed your comment!

Steve is a really great guy. His mother is one of my grandfather's younger sisters. She is a wonderful woman (now 96!) who was also so good to me. Every year when Steve went away to Boy Scout camp, she would invite me to stay with them. There aren't too many people who, after unloading one kid, would import another. lol But she did and always treated me like I was special. I am so lucky to have had them in my life.