Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mother of the Bride

Well, I have my dress for the wedding and it is hideous ok. It practically screams Mother of the Bride in all its beaded sparkliness. Well, Mother of the Bride or Las Vegas Showgirl. Or Mother of the Las Vegas Showgirl.

But it fits, and at this point that is all that matters.

I got it from Fat Ladies R Us and it reminds me a Bob Mackie creation. I never liked Bob Mackie.  In this creation I look like Carol Burnett. Except I’m shorter, fatter, have fewer teeth and I have brown hair, not red. I guess that means actually I look nothing like Carol Burnett. I just feel like her. When I put the dress on it feels as though I should be taking questions from the audience and tugging on my ear. Sigh.

Alright, it's not this bad. 

The most important thing is that Elizabeth has a wonderful day and that is all I want. The fact that I will actually have a dress on and not be sitting in the pew in my underwear will make her very happy indeed.


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Pricilla said...

Well, if your underwear was sparkly and had some feathers.....

I am sure you look lovely. Mothers of the bride are supposed to sparkle. It's a rule

Muffie said...

My daughter chose a gown for me that certainly was NOT MOB-ish. Strapless pale blue satin with a beaded bodice. I wore flats, not heels, dyedt and beaded to match the dress. I did have a matching stole to use in church. I'm sure the wedding will be lovely --send us some photos!!

Debbie said...

you will sparkle and glow and be fabulous!!

will we be wearing shoes??

Webster said...

I'm ssure it looks lovelier than you describe. It should scream Mother of the Bride, don't you think? Is is comfortable? Does your daughter like it? You had better show us pics of it at the wedding.

Marie said...

You are all so wonderful and encouraging!! Thank you so much for all your kind words.

Pricilla - you probably don't really want to know whether or not I have any actual sparkly underwear. I definitely don't have any feathers. But other than that I certainly am going to sparkle on February 12. :)

Muffie - that sounds so lovely!! I am going to make a stole if I can find the right fabric. I was thinking satin as well or velvet. I am going to the fabric store on Wednesday. I'll see what they have. There will be pictures!

Debbie - {{hugs}} I will be wearing silver slingback flats but I might bring a pair of ballet slippers with me in case my feet swell too much. I will be using the wheelchair, so hopefully they will be ok.

Webster - you know, that is absolutely right, it should scream mother of the bride! lol At least no one on Matt's side will have to ask which one is Elizabeth's mother! lol She hasn't seen it yet but she will be home on Friday.

Thanks again to all of you for being such great friends!!

Anji said...

Sorry i'm late. I'm sure that you will (almost) steal the scene!

I hope that we get to see a picture.

Jane Turley said...

I'll pay you $100 if you turn up in your undies:))

I need to see pictures of this outfit Marie - I cannot believe it is that gross!

Marie said...

Anji - You're not late at all!! It is always a delight to see you here! There will be pictures, of course. :)

Jane - JANE!! Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane...I am doing a jig of happiness to see you!

100 bucks, eh? I am considering it. lol

It really is not that bad. Although you could do your makeup in the mirrored surface of my chest. But that is a plus. I am very convenient for quick appearance checks. lol

Jane Turley said...

That many sequins Marie?? Cripes -Are you sure this wedding isn't actually a Liberace convention?

Don said...

Most women I've met don't like clothes and their bodies on the day of their child's wedding, but 99% of the time, they are beautiful, and I am sure you will be too!


Shorespinner said...

No matter what you wear I know you will be glowing with happiness on your baby's special day, and that happiness will make you even more beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple, and to you, of course. Shine on, Marie!

Marie said...

Don - what a lovely thing to say!! Thank you so much! :)

Shorespinner - hi! hi! hi! It is so good to see you!! Thank you for your beautiful comment. {{hugs}} I will shine indeed. lol