Friday, October 14, 2011

Nothing Going On

There is nothing even remotely interesting going on in my life right now.

It is so hard to get around, I rarely leave the house anymore. That definitely limits my life experiences. And the potential for any good anecdotes.

I have found a new website that I love, Pinterest. It might not be new to all of you, but it was to me. It is like an online bulletin board where people post virtual pin-ups: beautiful pictures, goofy pictures, funny sayings, sayings that are putrid, decorating ideas, awesome recipes. It’s fun.

Here are some samples:

Beautiful  (Italy) -

Goofy -

Funny saying (this one is for my sister) -

Putrid saying -

Decorating idea (dream on) -

Awesome recipe (orange poundcakes) -

Now some people would say this is an Enormous Time Waster. They are wrong. It is actually a GINORMOUS Time Waster. But I say, if you can’t waste your time enjoying beautiful/funny/yummy things, what is the point of life?

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Pricilla said...

If all you have is time you can spend as you wish

Marie said...

Alas, you are a victim too. :) The best people are there, dahling.

Have Myelin? said...

OOOooo! A new website for me, thanks Marie! =)

Can't wait to go seeeeeeee.....

Webster said...

Those three fingers reminded me of Sherry, LOL.

I love time wasters --- what's the point if being productive all the time?

Anji said...

thank you for the reminder, I joined a while back and forgot to get started.

I love the pics you chose

Jane Turley said...

I think there's something to be said for hating people with nice hallways for at least a couple of hours a day:))

Debbie said...

oooohhhh marie, i have been avoiding this like the plague!!

i know i would love it but more time on the computer?? i just don't know if my ass can handle it!!

Marie said...

Sherry - just you wait. It will suck you in!

Webster - those fingers reminded me of Sherry too! I agree, productivity is highly overrated.

Anji - I am glad you liked those pics. Hard to choose!!

Jane - you should check out the "Get Organized in 31 Day" site that is frequently featured here. Hatred overdrive.

Debbie - actually I was thinking of you as a prime contributor! Lessons in graceful living. :)

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