Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brutal Morning in Baby Land

Baby cries:

I'm unhappy!
I'm unhappy!
I'm unhappy!
I'm unhappy!
I'm unhappy!
I'm unhappy!
I'm un...clunk.

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Webster said...

I'm sorry things are not going well. I hope they get better soon. THink positive thoughts ... I will do so for you.

Marie said...

Oh Webster, I clearly worded this poorly. The baby was just having a bad morning, was super fussy, making unhappy noises over and over and over and then all of a sudden fell asleep in mid-whine.

I meant it to be funny! Epic fail apparently!! :(

Although, since you mention it, I am doing pretty crappy myself. lol But that is not what I meant by this post.

Marie said...

P.S. - But thank you so much for the kind and warm words!! Sending virtual hugs of gratitude {{{hugs}}}. :)

(I feel SO badly about the misunderstanding that I am obsessing, putting a disclaimer on Facebook, etc., that I meant this to be funny but guess I missed the mark! I suppose I cannot be successfully hilarious all the time! lol)

Anji said...

I thought that it was funny, I've been there myself...

Lovely picture!

Debbie said...

hahaha....i got it marie but then i read webster's comment and was glad i did not comment "hilarious"!! that's what i planned on writing!!

it's not really funny....well really it is. she is cute....and i'm so happy she's not crying in my house.

nice p.j.'s!!