Saturday, July 24, 2010

Approaching Rope’s End at Warp Speed

I didn’t expect to be writing another post today, but this just begged to be told.

Reaching into my medicine cabinet for toothpaste, I brushed against a small porcelain cup. It fell out of the cabinet into the sink and I flinched waiting for it to shatter.

But it didn’t. Instead THE SINK BROKE!!!

How does a sink break?!?! Who even knew a sink COULD break?!?! Oh, but that’s right, it’s MY sink. ha ha ha ha ha So of course it broke. Of course a $2 cup didn’t break! No, it had to be AN ENTIRE FREAKING BATHROOM SINK!!

Tiny little cup:

Big strong sink:

I'm so over the edge, this was my first reaction:

But now reality is sinking in. HA HA HA HA GET IT?!?!?! Sinking in!

I cannot afford a new sink. I could barely afford the freaking toothpaste.

I think Scotty describes my emotional state best:

I need to go lie down for a little while. Maybe when I get up, I will find this was all just a bad dream. Or that Sink Fairies descended while I slept and magically made the whole thing go away. Or that Santa is real. Or.....

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Barbara said...

I'm sorry this stuff is happening to you. I wish I lived closer...a generic bathroom sink isn't expensive and easy to install. It probably had a weak point that the cup hit just right...

Marie said...

Barbara, how sweet you are!! I know the sink won't be too hard to replace, but it's just another thing I can't afford.

I have a weak point that the cup hit just right. lol

Your kind words mean more than you can know. {{hugs}}

The Mother said...

You know that old adage about how God never gives you more than you can handle?

Yep. This is why I don't believe.

On the plus side, sinks are easy. Get a couple of your strong sons to DIY it.

Pricilla said...

I've asked a friend in the business about if it can be fixed. Probably not but I'm hoping she might find an answer for you.
She's a Jersey girl too.

Margaret said...



That's all the words I have.

Marie said...

Well, I have finally pulled my head out of the oven, realizing a sink wasn't worth it. I have SOOOO many other things to push me over the edge. lol

Mother: I HATE that saying. Someone said that to me in Bible study after my second shoulder surgery. I nearly ripped her throat out. lol

First of all, I growled, that completely INCORRECT as I have WAY more than I can handle right now. And second of all, God does not "give" this shit to us!!

She was very quiet after that. lol

Pricilla: What can I say? I just love you my friend.

Margaret: (Is this my Margaret or a new Margaret? :) ) Yep, that about captures it. Only I said "OMFG". lol

Thank you everyone!! I really do love you all, with all your wisdom and kindness and concern. You are the BEST!!

Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear, or read, about your sink. You have my kind of luck, if it can go wrong, in a really backwards, messed up kind of way, it will.

I hope the sink ferry comes soon.

debe said...

HA! not a problem!

Take some tile grout that has adhesive in it and GLUE that puppie back together, chip by chip.

one little peice at a time

and in the meantime, put a plastic trash bag in the sink then place a large mixing bowl to use to wash your face and brush your teeth..

SPIT in the toilet, and empty the mixing bowl into the toilet to generate the manual flush... gotta save water that way

huge hugs my friend.. huge hugs

Marie said...

Jen: I just got a catalog in the mail offering a plaque that says "I see the screw up fairy has been here again". lol I would never tempt fate by purchasing it though.

I think I might have good news to share soon about the sink ferry coming in.

I hope the everything ferry comes in for you, too. xoxo

Debe: Now why didn't I think of that!! (Smacking my head) I got all sorts of upset for nothing. lol

Fortunately, I have other bathrooms for face washing and teeth brushing. But that would be a unique work around.

Thank you for the much needed hugs, my dear friend. xoxo

Catherine Lanser said...

Marie- I found your blog through She Writes. It's beautiful. I can't wait to read more. I hope you can have your sink fixed quickly. I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one things like this happen to.


Marie said...

Hi Cathy!! Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for your lovely comment.

Oy, this stuff happens to you too?!?! Oh, honey. Sending many virtual hugs.