Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day to Forget

Yikes, did I ever hate yesterday!!! Because it seems everyone in North America hated me.

Innocent little me.

For me, pride ALWAYS goeth before a fall. And do I learn &/or remember this? No, of course not.

I was inordinately proud of my little article on Dr. Kevin’s wonderful web site. So, naturally, every single commenter wiped the floor with me. Told me I should be ashamed of myself. Called me a bureaucrat. And thought worse, I am certain.

My Much Despised Article

Ow. I was just trying to be helpful.

Then, because I am an idiot, I did something else really dumb. I expressed my opinion in a comment on an article in our local paper’s website.

Now you have to know something about the majority of people who leave comments on this site. Rather than use words, I will just give you a visual.

Just add frothing at the mouth and you will have the complete picture.

There could be an article about rescuing a kitten from a tree and they would have horrible, terrifying things to say. So just imagine the reaction when I expressed my objection to capital punishment.

To say there was vitriol does not even begin to cover it. I am certain if they knew where to find me, I would have been subject to execution myself. And my little dog too.

For your reading pleasure, if you are really a glutton for punishment:

Asbury Park Press

I guess I don't have to tell you which one I am.

Only I could enrage both ends of the intelligence spectrum in one day.



beth5393 said...

Who ever said stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, must have lived alone on a deserted island.

Keep putting yourself out there, Marie. It is incredibly brave. And your friends who mean something to you will always be in your korner.

The Mother said...

You're right; they're wrong.

No one is going to deny that the managed care industry isn't perfect. Nonetheless, health care IS a business. People must remember that while arguing over the whole thing.

Idealism is great; it also is totally unproductive. You had great suggestions and the fact that you got toasted by idiots should not bother you in the least.

Marie said...

How lucky am I to have such wonderful friends?

That little piece was so well intentioned and set off a firestorm. I don't have to get my eyebrows plucked this month, they've been singed off. lol

Thank you both. As you are a physician, Mother, I am especially grateful for your balance and common sense. Also, I could really use some xanax. Too bad you are so far away. lol

Nobody seemed to object to the cat licking the roast. lol I guess everyone has different priorities. lol