Saturday, January 10, 2009

For James Shepard

My grandson has a multiplicity of names.

Driving home from work one evening, this story popped into my head. When I got home, I wrote it down for him.

My father (his great-grandpa) did the illustrations and we are going to have it printed for him into a book. The way I have laid it out below, the asterisks mark each new page. In this story, I am the Other Nana.

I wanted to give it it’s world premier right here.

So here it is:


I am





But I am called
many other names too.

I will tell you about them.

It is a very good story.


My Mom is Kate.

She calls me her Baby Boy.
And her Sweet Little Man.

I like that better than Baby Boy.


I’m not a baby!!!!


My Dad is James.

He calls me Mister.
Mister Man.
Big Boy.

I like all of those.


Both my mom and my dad
call me Shep.

When they call me Shep,
My Other Nana rolls her eyes
and gives a big sigh.

She does not like ‘Shep’.


My dad says that is because
she is a big poop.

hee hee

He said poop.

He also said
“But don’t tell her I said that.”

So don’t, ‘kay?

'Cause we love her anyway.


I have two Nanas and one Poppa.

Both my Nanas are called Marie.
Isn't that funny?

I call one Nana Ree and the other
My Other Nana.


Nana Ree is tall
and has long hair
and is funny.

She lives with Poppa.

He’s funny too.


My Other Nana
is short and has curly hair.

My dad says when he was little
he said it was Outer Space Hair.

My dad is funny too.


My Other Nana lives by herself.
She is funny too.

They all make me laugh.

They call me James
and James Shepard
and Handsome
and My Sweet Boy.

I have a middle name.

It is Danger.

My dad picked it so I could say
“Danger is my middle name.”

This makes My Other Nana roll her eyes
and say “Oh, brother.”

But I like it.


Remember, she is a
big poop.

hee hee

I said poop.

But don’t tell her I said so, ‘kay?

'Cause I love her anyway.


My dad has a brother and sisters.

My mom has a brother and sisters.

So I have a lot of aunts and uncles.



They call me

Little Man,
and James Shepard.

And C’mere You
when they are going to tickle me.


I have many cousins.


Some of them can’t talk yet,
cause they’re babies.

The babies call me


My other cousins call me
and James Shepard.

And sometimes Bad
when I take away their toys.

Big babies.


I have three Great-Grandma’s

and one Great-Grandpa.

They call me Sweetie
and Adorable
and The Spitting Image of Your Father.

They kiss me a lot too.

Kisses. Yuck.

But they are nice and I love them.


I have friends in school
and they call me Shep.

And sometimes Bad
when I take away their toys.

Big babies.


My teachers call me Shep
and My Boy
and My Little Man
and My Guy.

And sometimes Honey.
(But I think that is really a girl’s name.)

They are all really nice.


I am James Shepard Cooper.

I am called by many names.

But here is what I am called that is the best thing of all…



manju said...

A wonderful story by a wonderful Nana!

When the book comes out, I insist on you sending me a copy! :)

Nicole said...

This is great! I'm sure he will absolutely love it - what kid wouldnt, esp about themselves?! :) You seem like a wonderful Nana.

*Oh, and the illustration looks great!

Marie said...

Oh, Manju, you are so sweet. I will send you an autographed copy!

Marie said...

Thank you Nicole!

We left our comments at the same time. :)

I can't wait until we get it printed. My Dad was so happy to do the little cartoons. And he wants to be credited as "Great Grandpa". He is so sweet.

Margaret said...

Marie, this is so beautiful. What a great gift for your grandson.

Marie said...

Thanks Margaret!! I am so happy to hear from you!