Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Evil. Again.

My dear friend Manju (a frequent commentator here and the writer of "Of Cabbages and Kings" blog, link to the right) is a resident of Mumbai, where today there has been yet another hideous, pointless theft of innocent lives. The terror continues for the hostages and the citizens of Mumbai.

Manju says she has been glued to the television all day. It is the middle of the night there. She is home and safe. For now. Her heartbroken and heartbreaking words: "In one day Mumbai seems to have gone from being a commercial centre to pure anarchy."

If it is your belief system, please pray for Manju and her family. For the residents of Mumbai and India. For all of us in this fragile world.

If it is not your belief, then please at least keep them in your thoughts and hearts.

Be safe Manju. We love you.



That's for the information. I've not been watching any news this week.

I'm glad to hear the Manju sounds safe. But it is unsettling to know that chaos is ruling in Mumbai right now.

I'll be thinking of her and India.

Marie said...

Thank you Lisa!

Manju is our wonderful Rani, from MSKK. She is one of the most civilized, intelligent, compassionate people I know. To think of her in the middle of this horror makes me sick.

manju said...

Thank you, Marie, for thinking of me and mine.

Yes, it is a horrific situation. And unfortunately it will go on for some time, it seems.

There are 100 hostages in the Taj, and a few in the Oberoi,- both luxury hotels here in Mumbai. And the firing is still going on sporadically.

Schools, colleges and offices are closed today. Terrorists are hoding our city to ransom.:(

Marie said...

We are all thinking of you, Manju. How could I do anything else, when you have been such a good friend to me?!?!

I pray this will be over soon, with no more death.

I pray this insanity will stop before the human race wipes itself out in the name of ideologies.

Jane Turley said...

Yes, I have been watching the events unfold on the news; I hope Manju that you and your family remain safe in what seems like turbulent times.

Marie, get your arse out of bed and start writing. Otherwise I will be forced to take drastic action and post a picture of myself in the nude on my blog.

Now ask yourself;

Do you really want Mrs T to be subject to world wide ridicule and abject humilation or are you going to write a post??

janet said...

i am having withdrawal symptoms. Are you going to post here again some day? Please, for me?