Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Just Peachy, Thank You

I have been inundated with telemarketing calls lately.  So when I saw the 877 number come up on the caller ID a few minutes ago, I ignored it.  I didn't feel like coping with yet another individual from a third world country trying to persuade me, in broken English, to change electricity providers.

Instead I heard a pre-recorded message from Wegman's Supermarket.  They were advising me that several varieties of fruit, including peaches, were being recalled due to a possible listeria bacterial contamination.  What was I doing as I listened to that message?  I was in the middle of eating a peach that had been purchased at Wegman's.

I finished it anyway.  I figured, in for a penny, in for pound.  I have already had about a dozen peaches in the past 2 weeks, so the damage was already done.

With incredible generosity, Wegman's  has advised us to "visit the service desk at one of its stores for a full refund which will be determined by the customer's estimated count of product discarded."  I guess we're just SOL if we've already been poisoned by the product that was previously consumed.

It is pretty bad that I may have fed the recalled fruit to my precious three year old granddaughter.  And I am immuno-compromised.  It could be catastrophic for either of us to develop this brutal bacterial infection. While I suppose it is a good thing to be advised of the recall, it really freaks me out that Wegman's knows that I bought their peaches.  It is truly creepy that I can be traced by the groceries I buy.

 Now, is it my imagination, or am I feeling queasy...


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Webster said...

The queasy part isn't just makes sense; at least, to me, but the fact that Wegman's not only KNOWS that you bought their peaches, but how to get hold of you -- now THAT is really creepy. And that they will only refund the amount of your uneaten, possibly contaminated peaches. Well, now that's the cheap part.

I've missed you, Marie. Take good care.

Muffie said...

I'm hoping the peaches you ate weren't tainted. My husband just went produce shopping, and I hope there are no peaches in the mix.

Marie said...

Thanks for your comments Webster and Muffie!

What really gets me is why did it have to be peaches!?!? Why couldn't it have been something like brussel sprouts? No one ever has a craving for a brussel sprout cobbler. lol

webster said...

These days I'm just Lima Beans!

And that's not funny.