Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gotta Love Anderson

Here is yet another good reason to love Anderson Cooper!  Besides the obvious.  Ok, so I’m not  So what.  He is smart.  And funny.  And self-deprecating.  And gorgeous.  (See his very funny report on being on Celebrity Jeopardy.

So adorable.)

My friends Albert and Jackie and their two lovely daughters are a terrific family.  I went to high school with Albert and he and Jackie have been married for over 32 years.  To the outside world, their life is picture perfect.  They are close, affectionate and always smiling. They do not advertise the struggles they have endured over the years, although they have been significant.  When Albert’s father developed Alzheimer’s Disease, it was Albert and Jackie who took care of him until the end.  They are matter of fact about these things.  They have strong faith in God and they are still crazy about each other.   In a nutshell: these are good people who have had some hard times but they saw each other through it.  

So back to their girls.  The eldest, Shea, was scheduled to get married last August.  A big wedding was planned here on the beach at the Jersey Shore.  But an uninvited guest was barreling up the coast.  Hurricane Irene was predicted to make landfall the day of Shea’s wedding and all the big plans had to be cancelled, a tiny little celebration is hurredly organized instead.  But Shea’s priorities are straight because of the way she is raised and she is just grateful to be marrying the man she loves.

Fast forward to this spring.  Shea and hubby Matt end up on the Anderson Cooper Show talking about wedding disasters and how important wedding insurance is.  The whole family is excited.  Jackie and Albert are whisked into the city by limo, courtesy of the show.  Albert is like a little kid taking it all in, the Green Room, the set, and finally, Anderson himself.  “He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” Albert says solemnly.  And apparently one of the nicest, welcoming him and Jackie personally, shaking their hands, thanking them for coming, congratulating them on their lovely daughter.

Gloria, you did a good job raising him.

So the show starts, Shea and Matt tell their story and Anderson springs it on them: they have actually invited them on the show to give them the wedding of their dreams, in the Bahamas.  And a great big wedding party up here in Jersey to make up for the one they didn’t get to have.  So everyone is crying and happy and in love with Anderson.

You can watch the clip here (and see Albert surreptitiously wiping his eyes, right over Anderson’s left shoulder.)

Yes, in the scheme of things a wedding is not life or death.  Shea knows that.  But it is good to see something nice happen to really, really good people.  And this time it did.

Thanks, Anderson.


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Patty Woodland said...

Awwwww, that was wonderful. Such a sweet couple.

Paula Wooters said...

I love it when wonderful things happen to wonderful people!

Anji said...

That was lovely - I've got to go and sort out my eye makeup now.

They are a lovely couple - congratulations on their first wedding anniversary!

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Marie: Thanks for the comment on my blog... Not sure everyone knows about that "dark" place, but it certainly seems you do...

As for my "They like me, they really like me" reference... Sally Field has always been one of my favorites. Better yet, the "snarky" humor in Steel Magnolias always gives me a reason to smile...

Thanks for visiting.


Marie said...

Thanks for all your comments, everyone! I am so far behind due to being laid low with cellulitis.

I am so grateful to all of you for your readership!

Anonymous said...

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