Thursday, November 25, 2010

Slinking Back, With Thanks

 BACK:   I am tiptoeing shamefaced back into the blogosphere after being MIA for a few weeks. The concerned inquiries I have received are touching and humbling. Thank you so much. I have been sick, I did have a minor fall, but mostly we have been preoccupied at our house with a baby shower and an engagement and sewing like mad for a craft show. So days spun into weeks.


Baby Shower

Crafty Thingies


I am thankful today for the many faithful friends I have through this blog and in real life.

I am thankful that MS, while taking its toll, has not snuffed all the life out of me yet.

I am grateful that despite being out of work we still have food on our table and a roof over our heads.

But more than anything I am grateful for my four children. We have had some rocky patches, and, I suppose, will continue to, but the most joyful, proud, purely happy moments in my life have been because of them.

Thank you, God, for all of this.

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The Elwood Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving from your child you never birthed and her family out here in Connecticut!

brokenteepee said...

Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Stay warm...I say that 'cause I am under over a foot of snow and it's all I can think of.

Enjoy your family.

The Mother said...

While I no longer have a higher power to "thank", I do have four fabulous children who I do feel some sense of gratitude for. Happy Thanksgiving, Marie.

Jane Turley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Marie:)

So that's what you've been up to! And there was I looking forward to a rant about how the ceiling caved in, you argued with the builders and got manhandled by the police!

No seriously- so glad to hear all is well:) But you know, if you have any of those crazy stories of yours please do tell!

Dana said...

I guess you could call me a lurker since I met you when you kindly commented on my first blog entry two years ago. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and now that I am a little more "blog savy" I will follow openly. So glad to see you are back. Thank you for sharing with us readers. So glad you are okay.

Marie said...

Danielle: I am so happy to know you! A child I never had to potty train or teach how to drive!

Pricilla: Oh, I love the snow! It is pretty cold here right now too, but no snow yet.

Mother: Thank you for your kind wishes. Your children do sound fabulous! And you always sound proud of them, rightly so. :)

Jane: Sending warm hugs across the pond!! Ceilings are fixed, roof isn't. Crazy stories are bound to continue. Oy vey.

Dana: Thank you for your comment!! Although I love to hear from readers and adore getting to know them, lurkers are welcome too. :) I have a lot of lurkers it seems and I am always amazed when someone I never expected discloses they read my blog. Like my daughter's best friend. Hi M.! lol

Thank you ALL for reading and commenting and for hanging in there with me. Love you all!! xoxo