Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks and No Thanks

While I have been in my funk and not keeping up my blog, I have actually been blessed with many things. Primarily, the blessings have taken the guise of people, so many people, who have expressed love and encouragement to me.

There have also been things that have been kind of crappy.

So I have made lists of each.

Thankful for:

My friend Christine. She has done things like bring me books when I was in the hospital and even my kids didn’t come visit me. She makes me laugh. She tells me I am wonderful. She introduced me to chocolate peanut butter pie. Oh wait, I am mad about that last one. But I still am grateful for Christine.

My sister, who I might go for weeks without seeing or speaking to, but we will start in mid-sentence where our last conversation ended. She knows. She gets it. I am glad she is my sister.

For Jane. Jane is a brilliant and hilarious writer from England. She writes a shriekingly funny blog, which I love, and she writes for the BBC, which makes me dead jealous. Jane threatened me with [her] nudity if I didn’t start writing again. However, Jane dear, you forget about the picture of you standing behind the Prehistoric Woman picture board. I am so stupid, I didn’t realize it was a picture board and thought it was actually you, topless and dressed in furry rags. Right. In public, standing next to your husband and two of your children. Never mind how scary it is that I didn’t give it a second thought and considered you more brave than weird. My point is I already thought I had seen you naked. So that’s not much a threat now, is it Jane? You will have to come up with something better than that.

For chocolate peanut butter pie. Oh wait, I am mad about that one.

For my blog readers, who never give up on me and leave wonderful, warm, encouraging comments.

For my MS board friends, who never give up on me and say rude things that make me laugh my ass off.

For Cathy, who never gives up on me. Period.

For Trinity and my friends there, especially Michael, Bill and Dell, who never give up on me.

Dr. Wonderful, for not giving up on me, for actually sending a hand written note when I missed a follow-up appointment for my shoulder.

Dr. H, for not giving up on me even though I question everything.

Dr. B. for always letting me talk and acting like he is completely sympathetic even though he probably thinks I am a total Fruit Loop. For not giving up on me after all these years.

Hmmmm, I am sensing a pattern here.

Have I mentioned chocolate peanut butter pie?

So where was I…oh, right, the shitty stuff. It seems churlish to list bad things, but I will anyway, because that is just the kind of ingrate I am. lol (Oh, another thankful for: Barb, because she loves it when I say ‘churlish’.)

Not thankful for:

For a person dying last month from an infection related to the medicine I take to treat MS.

You know what? That’s enough not to be thankful for.

I’ll bet they weren’t too thrilled about it themselves.


Many, many truly humble thanks to those of you who have kept coming back even when I didn’t.


Jane Turley said...

Ah ha... That's more like it! Positive thinking!

You gotta admit I looked kinda cute in them furry rags eh? But let me assure you behind that board is a genuine mammoth waiting to get out! That is really, really scary! So get you happy face on!

Hmm... I think you should pop over to see my picture of George Bush up close and personal. Geez, that really cheered me up doing a bit of artwork but at the same time the truth of the matter completely scared the pants of me.... Mr T nearly passed out too..It's not often my pants spontaneously fall off these days....

manju said...

Glad to see that you're blogging again, Marie!

Now for a REAL post.:)

Da Old Man said...

Marie, De funk when you can. In the meantime take care of yourself and have a Merry Christmas

janet said...

well, i see my patience has paid off. I knew if i kept coming back that eventually you would be here. And just like i remember, you are always a wonderful writer, no matter what.

Now, keep it up..........OK????

Jane Turley said...

Now keep your chin up over Christmas with some positive thinking! ie...How fast can you drink a bottle of plonk and scoff a box of choccys.... always cheers me up....

DK said...

Welcome back, Marie!